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Fuisz Media Brings Interactivity To Video

Steve Gadbois:

Platforms deploying dynamic ad insertion and programmatic buying will be very interested in the benefits of Interactive advertising. Cracking this on the big screen is inevitable, challenging and potentially game changing for Pay-TV.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

For the past two years, Fuisz Media has been quietly developing the technology necessary to quickly and easily add interactive elements to video. Now, it’s coming out of stealth mode, with more than $2 million in funding and some interesting enterprise clients.

Fuisz Media uses computer vision to identify specific items and create differentiated experiences around them. By tagging those items, brands, advertisers, and publishers can provide in-video opportunity for viewers to learn more about products.

The technology was built to overlay videos distributed through multiple different platforms, and to work with a number of different ad servers. Fuisz’s interactive videos can also be displayed on a number of different devices, including desktop, mobile phones, and tablets.

According to co-founder and CEO Justin Fuisz, the company is able to provide a high rate of accuracy in identifying and tracking items frame-by-frame. “In computer vision, if you’re getting a 70-80 percent…

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